4 Ways How To Keep a Keg Cold All Night Long

When you get your keg, it’s nice and cold. Don’t you want to know how to keep a keg cold? That’s what this post is about.

A keg is something that will keep a lot of beer for a long amount of time. It is ideal for an event with a huge number of guests. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep a keg cold since it is too big to fit inside a refrigerator. However, it is important to keep it cold when the party is over and you still have a lot of leftover beer. Yes, it is possible some guests got too drunk way too early or some people did not drink a lot since they wanted to be careful.

You know you would still want to drink that when the time is right. After all, there may be future parties and beer is not the type of drink that will easily expire anyway. Also, nobody really likes beer that is not cold. It is like a rule written in stone that you would want the beer to be as cold as possible. Your guests also know it is best to drink the beer while it is still cold and not when the ice has melted. Here is how to keep a keg cold:

4 Ways To Keep Your Keg Ice Cold

1) Get a Huge Tub

Prepare a tub that will contain the keg. Believe it or not, you can actually buy one at the nearest hardware store. In fact, some of them come in different sizes.

One awesome idea would be to do it in your bathtub but it also means all your guests would need to refill their drinks in the bathroom. That may look alright at first but as time goes on, it is going to get strange. Hence, better do it in a used garbage can that you definitely had to thoroughly clean so that all the germs are gone. Even if the beer is inside the keg, you definitely want to make sure.

2) Put a Layer of Ice

This will be the part where the ice will be placed so that the tub will be kept cold. It won’t be long before you would want more beer when it is ice cold. Better be wise about where you put the layer. Make it pretty hard so that it won’t get damaged when you put a lot of ice. Make sure the ice came from clean water and not from tap water.

If the water is dirty, it may affect the taste of the beer inside the keg when your guests drink them.

3) Lower the Keg into the Tub

You may need assistance to do this because kegs are typically heavy. Slowly lower the keg into the tub so that it is in direct contact with the layer that is full of ice. You know the effects of the ice onto the keg will eventually materialize. It won’t be long before the beer inside the keg will be pretty cold.

4) Place Ice into the Layer

This is the part where you must put a lot of ice into the layer. If you have a fridge that automatically makes ice, then that would be awesome because you should make sure that is full for your party. Make the layer as full as possible with ice. When the ice melts, better replace them immediately so that the keg will stay cold.

It would also be a splendid idea to add cold water to the layer so that the beer inside the keg will become even colder. It will only help matters. When the party is ending, that is when you may stop putting ice and cold water into the layer. Yes, water conservation is important in this situation.


In conclusion, it is not that hard to keep the keg cold. In fact, this should be one of your priorities when you have a huge party going on. You know you would want to keep everyone as happy as they are.

The last thing you would want to happen is to run out of alcohol. The keg can even be used in drinking games. Also, some guests may walk out of the party when they find out you ran out of alcohol. Good thing, that won’t happen when you have a beer keg. You can even mix several drinks into the keg and make it into a party cocktail that will surely get everyone drunk.


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