Are IPAs Easy To Brew? (Yes & No)

Beginners usually have questions about brewing IPAs compared to other beer brewing and one of of the most common questions is: are IPA’s easy to brew?

IPAs can be one of the easier brews to make since they can be brewed at room temperature. Unlike home-brew lagers that have to be fermented under a cooled and controlled temperature.

Homebrewed lagers need to be fermented under controlled conditions which require more equipment, experience, and money to brew. However, at the same time it can be very difficult to have the brew come out just right.

It is difficult to replicate perfectly a mainstream IPA that you may have in mind. Brewing these beers isn’t difficult compared to other types of recipes, but replicating an exact IPA may be difficult, if not impossible.

If you’re not satisfied with that short description, keep reading for more context.

Home Brewing IPA

So you’re new in the home brewing world and want to graduate from brewing basic beer recipes to the big boy stuff. IPAs are on your radar and you can’t wait to have a bottomless barrel of freshly brewed IPA that you can just remake after you guzzle it down.

You wonder if IPAs are easier to brew than other beers. Let’s quench the thirst for that question right now. Keep reading below to learn about how hard it is to brew IPAs at home.

In the world of homebrewing, not all kinds and style of beer are equal in terms of time and effort to produce.

For example, it’s a common belief that IPAs are harder to brew than others because of its richness and price tag. They tend to be more expensive than other beers in general. However, this isn’t the case.

A post on how to make IPA from Popular Mechanics even says that brewing IPAs are one of the hardest to get just right.


Brewing IPAs is a popular choice for brewers, myself included simply because I love IPAs. It makes Home brewing your own beer worth it in the long run. Plus it tastes so much better drinking a fresh pint of beer you brewed yourself. Much more satisfying.

To conclude this topic of whether or not IPAs are more difficult to brew than other beers like a ginger beer recipe or lager. It’s not more difficult, in fact it’s one of the easiest beers to brew at home.

You’ll also learn this if you get one of the best home brewing books that teach you the fundamentals of home brewing.

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